2022 - Agent P

Cyber Tribe is proud to present Agent P, our 2022 FRC robot

Electric City Regional - Anderson, SC - Mar 10-12, 2022

  • Ranked #1 after qualifications with a 10-1 qualification record

  • Captain of the #1 playoff alliance, chose 4265 - Secret City Wildbots - Oak Ridge, TN and 1293 - Pandamaniacs - Columbia, SC

  • Defeated the 8th, 4th, and 2nd ranked playoff alliances to win the event and qualify for the World Championships to be played in Houston

  • Won the Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford

  • Had the highest Offensive Power Rating by a wide margin

Rank Team Rank Points OPR
1 4020 36 47.5
2 364 30 34.9
3 4451 30 24.4
4 4265 28 38.7
5 5727 28 22.8

Cyber Tribe drops 61 points by itself at Electric City
despite climbing early since the match was already won

Smoky Mountains Regional - Knoxville, TN - Mar 31-Apr 2, 2022

  • Seeded 11th for playoffs due to 4 qualification losses. In three of the four losses, our random qualifying alliance was so overmatched, we could not possibly score enough to get the victory.

  • Participated in the highest scoring qualification alliance with 139 points in qualification match 21

  • Selected for the playoffs with the first pick of the captain of the #2 seeded alliance. Captain was 180 - S.P.A.M. - Stuart, FL, 2nd pick was 4360 - Robokomodos - Franklin, TN

  • Defeated the 7th ranked alliance in the quarterfinals, but lost in the semifinals to the 3rd ranked alliance after our robot became disabled due to a control network failure that we could not find or fix between rounds (our #2 alliance had to call a backup robot to take our place)

Upping our game by scoring 63 on our own at Smoky Mountains

FRC World Championships - Houston, TX - Apr 21-23, 2022

  • We had the 15th toughest qualification schedule strength of the 76 teams in the Roebling Division. With the caliber of teams at Worlds, there were many qualification matches we had no chance of winning due to the strength of opponents or weakness of teammates. We had a 3-7 qualification record.

  • We were the 9th team selected to the playoffs (17th team in the playoffs overall) . Only 32 teams out of the 76 in the Roebling Division made the playoffs. 44 Championship-level teams did not make the playoffs.

  • Our 8th ranked playoff alliance:

    • Captain - 2075 - Enigma Robotics - Grand Rapids, MI (8th alliance captain) - OPR = 40.7 (less offensive power than us, but the 8th easiest qualification schedule strength)

        • Winner: First in Michigan Calvin University District - Grand Rapids, MI

        • Winner: First in Michigan Muskegon District - Muskegon, MI

    • 1st pick - 5712 - Hemlock's Gray Matter - Hemlock, MI (16th overall pick) - OPR = 49.0 (a beast of a robot whose team was one of the few with an even tougher qualification schedule strength than us)

        • Winner: First in Michigan Midland District - Midland, MI

    • 2nd pick - 4020 - Cyber Tribe - Kingsport, TN (17th overall pick) - OPR = 42.0

        • Winner: Electric City Regional - Anderson, SC

    • 3rd pick - 5913 - Patriotics - Pequot Lakes, MN (32nd overall pick) - OPR = 33.9

        • Winner: Northern Lights Regional - Duluth, MN

  • Unfortunately, the 8th seed has to play the #1 seed in the quarterfinals. We lost as would be expected, but put the Division on notice after losing the first quarterfinal match against the #1 seed by only 3 points after our alliance gifted 12 penalty points to the opponents (5712's climber broke and went too far outside the robot frame multiple times).

Still getting better by Championships - here's 73 points scored by Cyber Tribe in Houston


  • We finished the season ranked 108th in the world in maximum Offensive Power Rating and 121st in the world in maximum Elo rating out of the 3,053 active teams in the FIRST Robotics Competition during 2022.

  • We were one of only three Tennessee teams to qualify for the World Championships, and the only one of the three that made it to the playoffs.

  • We finished the season with the highest Offensive Power Rating and Elo rating of all Tennessee FRC teams.