2021 - ReCHONKA!

Cyber Tribe is proud to present ReCHONKA!, our 2021 FRC robot

CHONKA! was retrofitted with a 2-position shooting hood, sensors to pre-load the conveyor with "cargo" balls, and Falcons for the drive motors on the swerve modules for the IRaH challenges

Infinite Recharge at Home

Due to COVID, the 2021 competitions were held "at home". Teams had 5 challenges involving shooting and driving that could use the 2020 robot. Teams were divided into groups for virtual competitions. Scores from the at home challenges were compared to determine group winners.

Competition Results

Cyber Tribe won the Finalist Award for finishing 2nd in the Ag ("silver") group. The team that finished 1st took advantage of the rules and made a new mini-bot that was very quick in the driving challenges. Their bot had no shooter at all. Only the highest 3 scores from the 5 challenges were used in final rankings, so they managed to win with zeros in the shooting challenges.

World Ranking

Robots were only formally ranked in their virtual groups. However, since challenge scores and times are available for all teams that participated in IRaH, it was possible to create an overall "world" ranking. Cyber Tribe finished 10th out of 1412 teams worldwide that competed in the Infinite Recharge at Home robot challenges.

Every team ranked above us built a new robot specific to the IRaH challenges. We competed with our big, built for battle robot from the 2020 season with just a few modifications to help score better in the challenges.

Note that the first place finisher in the Ag group, 2337, is not in the top 15 worldwide so 4020 outranked them despite being lower in the group. Their fast driving scores did not rank as high compared to the best teams in the world; whereas our high shooting scores ranked relatively higher compared to the best in the world. Ranking scores against the larger world group allowed us to place higher overall.

Hyperdrive Challenge - Lightspeed course

Caleb drove our 2020 robot with a 27.5 x 32 inch drive base incredibly quickly through the tight spaces of the Lightspeed course. Many of the fastest competitors built new robots with drive bases as small as 20 x 20 inches so they could accelerate faster and have a lot more room for error between the cones.

Power Port Challenge - 60 seconds of shooting accuracy

Our camera and computer-based targeting rapidly aligned the robot to a specific distance from the target and rotated it properly to hit the "inner" black circle every time. The rules allowed us to have a 2-dimensional replica of the power port goal so Marcus and Jakob could retrieve the cargo balls on rebound to rapidly reload the robot.