2019 - The Claw

Cyber Tribe is proud to present The Claw, our 2019 FRC robot

Competition Season Results

Palmetto Regional - Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Ranked #1 out of 63 teams overall

  • Captain of the winning alliance which included Team 4451 Robotz Garage from Laurens, SC and Team 5022 Rat Rod Robotics from Jonesborough, TN

  • Winning this Regional event qualified us for the FRC World Championships in Houston, TX

  • Won the Autonomous Award* sponsored by Ford Motor Company

Smoky Mountains Regional - Knoxville, TN

  • Ranked #3 out of 51 teams overall

  • Captain of 2nd place alliance which included Team 2386 Trojans from Burlington, Ontario and Team 3966 L&N Stempunks from Knoxville, TN

  • Won the Autonomous Award* sponsored by Ford Motor Company

FRC World Championships - Houston, TX

  • Ranked #19 out of 68 teams in the Hopper subdivision

  • Participated in 8th ranked alliance along with Team 1477 Texas Torque from Conroe, TX, Team 4063 TriKzR4Kidz from Del Rio, TX, and Team 3635 Flying Legion from Warner Robins, GA

*Autonomous Award description - "Celebrates the team that has demonstrated consistent, reliable, high-performance robot operation during autonomously managed actions. Evaluation is based on the robot’s ability to sense its surroundings, position itself or onboard mechanisms appropriately, and execute tasks."