FRC Team 4020 is proud to present GALAHAD, our 2016 FRC Robot. 

Below you will find information on the construction and design of GALAHAD. 

What GALAHAD Can Do. 

  • Go over every defense except for the Sally Port and Drawbridge

  • Scale the Tower at the end

  • Shoot from ten feet

  • Shoot in the high and low goals

  • Go under the Low Bar

  • Shoot using a tilting shooter

  • Complete autonomous

  • Automatically target using dual cameras on front and back

  • Change its speed

Technical Specs

  • 102 Lbs

  • Six CIM motors and one PG71

  • Robot dimensions: 30” x 44”

  • Fifteen inches in height

  • Encoders on the drives

  • Encoder on the shooter tilt

  • Combination micrometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer

Photos & Videos