Team History


In 2012,

A public high school in Kingsport, Tennessee decided to open a new chapter their extra curricular activities. Eight dedicated, young students banded together and formed the Cyber Tribe Robotics Team. That year, they decided to join the FIRST community as Team 4020.

With only 8 members, team 4020 traveled their first year to Smoky Mountain Regional for their first competition. Here, they placed 23rd overall.

Fast forward 7 years, and Team 4020 is now a bustling hub of over 30 young innovators learning the skills required to become greater leaders in this evolving world. In 2018, Team 4020 attended both the Palmetto Regional and the Buckeye Regional. At the Palmetto Regional, they placed 10th, and at the Buckeye Regional, they placed 14th. Team 4020 also won the Industrial Design award for their 2017 robot, McRee.

In 2019, Team 4020 will be competing at the Palmetto Regional and the Smoky Mountain Regional.